A Trick Or A Treat? Dental Disasters Caused By Candies

One aspect of Trick-or-Treating safety that isn't often talked about is the potential for your teeth to suffer serious damage. Each snack you bite into has its own potential dangers, from hard candies cracking teeth to sticky toffees pulling out loose fillings. Here are three dangers your teeth face at Halloween.

Pretty Princesses and Princes Beware: Your Crown is In Danger

Sticky candies are sweet and luscious, but your filling or crown could be in danger when you enjoy your favorite toffees.

  1. Caramel treats: Caramel is sticky and takes time to warm up and become soft in the mouth. Unfortunately, when you bite into a sweet treat with caramel inside, your crown or filling can be stuck to the candy like glue; that means the crown can easily be pulled right off your tooth.
  2. Raisins covered in chocolate: These are less sticky than caramel candies, but they still pose a potential hazard to your teeth. The sticky raisin filling can stick to your teeth, allowing sugar to eat away at the edges of fillings and causing damage to your teeth's enamel.

Spooky Colonels, Watch Out for Kernels

Popcorn balls are often given out at Halloween. This sweet treat is something many people favor over sweet chocolates and sour chewy treats, but there are still dangers lurking inside.

Popcorn balls are made by sticking together sweetened popcorn pieces that have been popped. Unfortunately, not all of the pieces will be completely popped, and that can mean that a kernel wmay be lurking inside the tasty treat.

Popcorn kernels can lead to broken teeth, fillings, and damaged gums. If a popcorn husk gets stuck in your teeth and causes damage, you may need antibiotics to clear up the infection. To help avoid serious damage, check your popcorn ball for kernels and floss after eating them.

Sweet Angels and Sour Demons: Gummy Treats Gone Wrong

Gummy treats are another favorite among Trick-or-Treaters. These candies have a high amount of citric acid inside, and that can cause damage to your teeth's enamel. Once the enamel is worn away, your teeth won't have much protecting them from further damage and cavities, so this is a serious problem.

Avoid long-term damage by brushing shortly after eating these sweets and having them sparingly. Eating them too often can also cause irritation to the gums because of the acids, so if you notice sores or sensitivity, take a break from these candies and call your dentist.

These are just a few of the problems your Trick-or-Treat bag treats can cause. Keep brushing and flossing, eat them sparingly, and your teeth will thank you. For more information, talk to businesses like Londonderry Dental Centre II.