Three Ways To Tell If Your Tooth Has Suffered Trauma After Being Hit With A Ball

Getting hit in the mouth with a ball can be quite painful immediately following the incident, but it can leave lasting dental damage, too. When a tooth is hit with direct force, it can cause trauma to the root of the tooth. Use the following guide to learn what signs to look for to determine if there has been major trauma done to your tooth and what can be done to repair each issue.


Some tenderness to your gums is to be expected after you have been hit in the mouth with a ball. If you notice that the tenderness has gotten worse, the area has become very swollen, or your gums have become intensely red, you need to see a dentist. You could have a blood clot forming under your gum. Pressure will need to be released from the area right away by draining the clot, if possible.

Tooth Sensitivity   

If you notice that your tooth is still more sensitive than it was before being hit a few weeks after the incident, you may have a crack in your tooth and not be able to see it. There are often tiny cracks that can form and allow the root of your tooth to be more exposed. When this happens, the sensitivity of the tooth will intensify. A dentist can fill the crack, which will reduce the sensitivity. Fixing a cracked tooth takes just a few minutes to do and will greatly improve the look and feel of your tooth right away.

Browning of the Tooth

If you notice that your tooth has started to become brown or turned black after a few weeks have passed, there is a good chance that the root to your tooth had so much trauma done to it that it is actually dying or has died. The dentist will be able to examine the root of the tooth to determine if it is salvageable through a root canal, or if the tooth will simply need to be removed.

You should go to see the dentist immediately after being hit in the mouth to have the issue examined. The sooner an issue can be discovered, the sooner it can be treated, and the less likely you will be to have lasting issues from the incident. The dentist can do an evaluation very quickly so that you do not have to miss a lot of time from your busy life.