The Process For Having Fillings Put In

If you need to have filings put in, you may be worried about the process and what you are going to go through. You can rest assured that the process is simple and something dentists do on a regular basis. To learn all about the process of having filings put in, read the information in this article. You'll find you feel better going in for the procedure once you know what you can expect.

The exam

When you go in for your exam, the dentist will give you an oral exam, which consists of them visually looking at your teeth, taking x-rays and possibly using a poker tool to gauge the thickness of your teeth. After the x-rays have been developed, the dentist will go over them with you and point out which areas need fillings.

The process

Your dentist may set you up with a second appointment to come in for the fillings. If so, you should eat before you come to your appointment. This will this make it easier for you to sit through the treatment comfortably. Also, you will more than likely not be able to eat right after getting fillings and you don't want to go around extremely hungry.

The dentist will numb the area around the affected teeth. They may then put a small device around the tooth to prevent an excessive amount of saliva and chips from your tooth from going down your throat. A device will also be put in place to keep your mouth open and give the dentist enough working space. They will then use a dental drill to drill the decayed parts of your tooth out to prepare it for the filling.

The filling material will be put in place. During this process you will be pain-free, but you may be a bit uncomfortable from having your mouth held open for so long. Depending on the type of filling compound being used, the dentist may use a gel to etch the tooth and then fill it. They may also use a special light to set the filling once it is in place.

After the procedure is done, you will still be a bit numb for a while. You won't have to worry much about pain, but your jaw may feel a bit tired for the day. If your tooth was in bad shape, there may be more pain than normal and in this case, your dentist may prescribe pain pills to help you with pain relief.

Once you have your fillings in, you can go back to your normal routine. Make sure you follow good oral hygiene habits so you can do your best to avoid the need for more fillings in the future.

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