Tooth Bonding Questions Patients Often Need Answered

There are many ways in which you can suffer extensive tooth damage, and while there are many different options that can be employed to repair this type of damage, you may not be familiar with them. In particular, you may be unfamiliar with the option of repairing the tooth through bonding. If this is the case, having the following couple of questions answered should provide you with a better understanding about how bonding can be used to repair your smile.

When Would A Patient Require Tooth Bonding?

A tooth bonding can be used to repair a variety of types of damage. From teeth that have suffered cracks and chips to severe decay, bonding is an excellent option when the shape of the tooth is needing to be restored. When this repair is utilized, the dentist will apply a resin to the tooth in a series of layers. These layers are rapidly dried with high-intensity ultraviolet lights, and once they have dried, they will be extremely durable. While it may take the dentist an hour or longer to reconstruct the tooth with bonding, it can be an effective option for saving your natural tooth from these types of severe damages.

What If The Tooth Is Too Damaged To Be Repaired Through Bonding?

While bonding can be an excellent option for restoring a tooth's shape, there are instances where the damage to the tooth is simply too severe for this option to be used. In these cases, you should understand that a combination of bonding and a crown may be a viable option for restoring the tooth.

The dentist can use bonding to restore as much of the tooth's shape as possible, and a crown can be used to structurally support the repair work while also providing the tooth with a more natural shape. This repair option will be more expensive and lengthy than bonding alone, but it may be the only way of restoring your smile without replacing the tooth with an implant or bridge.

Suffering from a severely damaged tooth can be a stressful experience to go through, because you may be in intense pain while having a limited knowledge about your treatment options. By having a thorough understanding about how bonding can be utilized to address tooth damage, you will be better informed and able to decide on a repair option for your damaged tooth.

Speak to your dentist to learn more about your tooth repair options.