How A Wire Dental Retainer Is Made

Dentists regularly require patients to wear a retainer after they have removed braces from their teeth. The retainer helps the teeth stay in their new position while the bone and tissue surrounding the teeth stabilize after they have been moved into a new position. Without the retainer, the teeth could shift back into the original position, and all the time and effort of orthodontics would be wasted. Here is how a wire retainer is made to keep your teeth from moving around. Read More 

Homemade Mouthwash For Treating Your Child After A Baby Tooth Gets Knocked Out

While your child was playing catch with some friends, they may have had a baby tooth knocked out. While waiting to take your child to the dentist, you may want to treat their pain and prevent infection. If so, use the following homemade mouthwash. What You Will Need Before you make the mouthwash, gather together the following ingredients. You can find them in pharmacies and department stores. One-half cup of water One teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide One tablespoon of table salt Four drops of peppermint oil Two drops of clove oil The hydrogen peroxide in this mouthwash cleanses the area where the tooth was knocked out, killing any germs that could cause infection. Read More 

What You Can Do If Your Spouse Has Horrible Teeth

If your spouse has horrible teeth and they are letting their dental health lapse, you might need to step in and convince them to go in for help. It can be hard to try to convince a loved one to take charge of their medical needs, even when it comes to dental health. Here are four ways that you can get your spouse back to the dentist's office. 1. Fear Factor Read More 

Three Ways To Tell If Your Tooth Has Suffered Trauma After Being Hit With A Ball

Getting hit in the mouth with a ball can be quite painful immediately following the incident, but it can leave lasting dental damage, too. When a tooth is hit with direct force, it can cause trauma to the root of the tooth. Use the following guide to learn what signs to look for to determine if there has been major trauma done to your tooth and what can be done to repair each issue. Read More 

Why Opting For Dental Implants Is Good For Replacing Missing Teeth

Did you lose a few teeth after getting into a fight or having an accident? If you don't like walking around with missing teeth, dental implants may be for you because they are like natural teeth. Find out below how an investment in dental implants can make it look as though you never lost your natural teeth. Why are Dental Implants Good Replacements for Missing Teeth? You will enjoy dental implants because they feel so real when chewing food. Read More